myHaven your personal internet
  • myHaven is a Revolutionary & Evolutionary App

    It will forever change the way you interact with the world. Catalog and engage from virtually any activity: Websites, Search Portals, TV, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Barcodes, Telephone Numbers, Emails and Geo-locations. It is your "Personal Internet" within the Internet.

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    Public Portal

    myHaven's Public Portal offers visitors the ability to search what others are micro-cataloging in real-time. It may be accessed by any visitor. Or, join for free and contribute to the first ever universal catalog platform for discovering consumer intentions and merchant micro-catalogs worldwide.

    • No Ads or Spyware

    • Proximity Shopping

    • Personal

    • Real-time

    • Broadcast your Intentions

    • Build your
      Personal Internet!

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  • myHaven
    Chrome App

    myHaven is a free Chrome extension to safely search, explore and catalog your wants, needs and intentions without ads or spyware. Take control of when, where, what, how and which merchants you choose to engage with anonymously.

    • Micro-cataloging

    • Contextual Searching

    • Persistent Recall

    • Anonymous Engagement

    • 100% Permission Based

    • Your Personal Internet

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Today consumers are personally identified, spammed, and annoyingly pursued to buy or view things that are not of interest...

Merchants are finding it more difficult and costly to find, engage and retain valued customers...

That is all about to change...

myHaven transforms current marketplaces by allowing individual consumers to anonymously micro-catalog their wants, needs and intentions from any website, search engine or media channel for:

personal productivity
private and public sharing &
anonymous engagement with merchants worldwide

is your
Personal Internet

Ready to Start?

  • App 1


    Anonymously engage with merchants by creating your own "personal internet" within the Internet...

    In Beta Testing

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  • App 2


    Globally align products, services and information to anything online or in the real-world to consumers' wants, needs and intentions...

    In Beta Testing

    Coming Soon!

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